Sundance Company is an experienced media brokerage business working with iconic international brands. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, it directly engages brands and consumers in Australia,
New Zealand and Southeast Asia with content that counts.


Sundance is pleased to represent Samsung Digital Services in Australia:

the Samsung Pay app has over 1.4 million registered users on over 4.5 million eligible devices delivering 1m daily impressions via its main advertising tab. Samsung Health is an app which invites users to take better control of their physical and mental health and is used by over 1.4 million monthly active Australians (4.8 million people have the app on a device) with the home page attracting 450,000 active users p/week. With a range of properties within the offer, the app provide a highly engaging / brand building experience for select partners.

Launching in Singapore in 2017, Festival of Disruptors is a dynamic experiential programme celebrating inspiring individuals, who have changed radically their respective landscapes. Supported by DesignSingapore Council and IMDA, the programme includes a rich array of talks, panel discussion, exhibitions and workshops culminating in a celebration of Singapore's newest disruptors.

Visitors to interact with our content through various channels, including @HarvardBiz on Twitter, HBR on Facebook, HBR on LinkedIn, and the HBR channel on YouTube. Each month, approximately 42% of visitors access through a mobile browser. traffic continues to attract subscribers and new visitors, with more than 6.9 million unique visitors and approximately 15.9 million page views per month.

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